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Sunday, September 21, 2014


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Cylon vs. Castaway!

The ultimate fall-season matchup: Lost’s Yunjin Kim versus Battlestar Galactica’s Grace Park. Who kicks more ass?


Date posted: October 04, 2006

THIS WEEK MARKS the season premieres of TMM’s two favorite spooky TV series, Lost and Battlestar Galactica. Why do we like them so much? Because they star two gorgeous, capable, ass-kicking Asians, Grace Park (as the Cyborg sleeper agent Sharon) and Yunjin Kim (as Sun, the tough but reserved Korean woman). Only problem, we can’t figure out which one kicks more ass, so we’ve decided to match them up in the ultimate TMM Showdown!

STRENGTH: In dealing with Jin and the Others, Kim’s shown reserves of fortitude we didn’t know she had, but, well, Park’s a Cylon! No contest, really. WINNER: Park.

BEAUTY: Kim’s face has amazing structure, and the fact that her character rarely smiles gives her a timeless beauty. Park, meanwhile, is cute, but her eyes are a little too close together, making her look young, confused, ephemeral. WINNER: Kim.

HAIRSTYLE: Kim has the windswept tropical-island bedhead look down, while Park sports fobby bangs. WINNER: Kim.

BODY: This season on Lost, Kim’s pregnant. Park, as we may have mentioned before, is a genetically engineered Cylon! WINNER: Park.

FASHION SENSE: We have to admit that Park looks hotter in her military fatigues than Kim in her increasingly grimy office garb, but Park’s in uniform, after all—she doesn’t have any say in what she wears. WINNER: Kim (by default).

SEX APPEAL: This is a tough one. As Sharon, Park has an emotional neediness (and, on occasion, passionate rage) we find tantalizing, while Kim carries an aura of unavailability that is just as enticing. In the end, it comes down to one question: Who’d be better in bed, the repressed wife or the conflicted cyborg? WINNER: Park.

ACTING: As Sun, Kim convinced her fellow islanders that she couldn’t speak English. Park’s Sharon, meanwhile, was clearly a Cylon all along—she fooled no one. WINNER: Kim.

LANGUAGE SKILLS: Kim speaks Korean. Park speaks binary. WINNER: Park.

PEOPLE SKILLS: As Sun, Kim has had to deal with Jin’s moodiness, but in the end she helped him integrate with the group. As Sharon, Park shot her commanding officer, Admiral Adama. WINNER: Kim.

HEALING POWERS: Kim managed to repair her marriage with Jin (at least until he finds out he’s not the father of her baby!). Sharon, however, cannot die because she is, as we believe we’ve already mentioned, a human-impostor Cylon. WINNER: Kim (Jin can really be a dick, you know?).

THE WINNER: Yunjin Kim! (Note to Cylon high command: Humans always win—might as well give up now.)


My vote goes for Grace Park.

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Disclaimer: TMM has no control over the content of Google Ads, especially the ones with the words "single," "Asian," "sexy," "ladies."