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Monday, September 15, 2014


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Disclaimer: TMM has no control over the content of Google Ads, especially the ones with the words "single," "Asian," "sexy," "ladies."

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This Shit is Bananas!

A WORLD NEWS ROUNDUP of the weird, the disturbing, the just plain wrong. Pakistani names that don't travel well. Dudes getting off to video of Japanese girls crying. Indonesia muzzles the free speech of water buffaloes. And China's own Heidi Montag. Read all about it.

pupu platter
Die Stanley Dai!

Someone needs to tell neo-con sellout Stanley Dai that he’s not white. Okay, we will. By TMM Editors

China’s Love-Hate Relationship with “Avatar”

Red China’s 3-D views of Cameron’s blue people By TMM Editors

Icons of the Asian-American Sexual Revolution

Model Minorities gone bad, real bad: Jon Gosselin, Tila, Tiger By Blue Unsok Kim

Wind-Up Bird Chronicle: The Puppet Show?

Never got around to reading Murakami’s masterpiece? Check out the multimedia production! By TMM Editors

Will John Liu’s Sweatshop Sob Story Sway NY Voters?

Opponents call him a liar By TMM Editors

China’s Hairest Man to Bare It All for His Art

Hair today, gone tomorrow, vows Yu Zhenhuan By TMM Editors

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trip lit: books & stuff


Interrogating Inspector Chen An interview with Qiu Xiaolong By Megan Shank

Beyond the Kama Sutra Asian Sex Manuals for the 21st Century By TMM editors

Free Food for Millionaires A Review of Min Jin Lee's novel By Camille Lofters

books by our writers


TRIPMASTER MONKEY'S own NEA-poetry-fellowship-winning Bryan Thao Worra has just released "Barrow," a quirky new collection of 50 poems that's influenced by international mythic traditions, fantasy and science fiction from a Southeast Asian-American perspective. Or as one gushing reviewer put it: "A cross between Rilke and Pink Floyd, genetically enhanced with scenes from Forbidden Planet." Trippy!


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Disclaimer: TMM has no control over the content of Google Ads, especially the ones with the words "single," "Asian," "sexy," "ladies."